You open your email, and this is what you see.

"I received an order to kill you ... I suggest you pay the amount of 3000 USD. I accept Bitcoin."

Regardless of how savvy you are at sniffing out scams, that first sentence is still daunting. The latest ruse making the rounds on the internet is basically an update of the Nigerian Prince phishing scam.

Don't fall for it. I'm reasonably sure that there is not a hit out on you. Probably.

Here's the email in its entirety, followed by more information in a video from West Michigan's WWMT. (This whole thing is totally [sic] BTW.)


I have been thinking for a very long period of time whether it's worth sending this email or not to you and decided that after all you still have the right to know and want you to take this serious , since this isn't a joke or a scam. I will be as short as i can. I've got an order to remove you, because some of your activity causes inconvenience to a particular person. I've been studying you for a very long period oftime and made a decision to give you a chance, despite specifics of my work, the business rules of which don't allow me to do this, as this will damage my 9 year old flawless reputation in my circles. So i decided to break a rule this time since this is my final order, at least i hope so.

Ok, lets break it down. I suggest you pay the amount of 3000 USD. I accept Bitcoin. Details how to forward this type of currency you will be able to Google. Here are my payment info:


As soon as i receive money - I will forward you the name of the individual order came from, plus all other evidence i have. You will be able to use it with your local police or other authorities. I strongly do not recommend you to call authorities or make any other mistakes before that, you have a little time and the police simply will not have time to investigate. You have only three days to make up your mind.
Please note that replying to this letter does not make sense, i use single use mailbox, i do care about my privacy and will contact you when i will receive money myself. I seriously that you became my prey.

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