In a continuing series, we're looking at the most dangerous intersections throughout the state of Michigan. This time, we'll take a look at the worst intersections in Oakland County.

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Driving in Detroit (and even many of the suburbs) is challenging even for longtime residents of the area but it can be an absolute nightmare for anyone who doesn't frequent the D. So what are the intersections that should be avoided if at all possible?

Methodology - Rankings Are Based on Accidents

Michigan Law crunched the numbers and compiled the list based on Michigan State Police car accident reports for 2021, which is the latest data available. The data used by the Michigan State Police is aggregated from local law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Michigan.

The ranking of the intersections is based on the number of accidents at that location, from most to fewest.

According to Michigan Law's website, accident data includes crashes that have happened within 200 feet of an intersection and any associated freeway on or off ramps.

Roundabouts - Proof That We're Finally Learning How to Use Them

Like it or not, roundabouts are becoming more common throughout the state of Michigan.

But if you need proof that Michiganians are learning how to negotiate roundabouts, consider this. The most dangerous intersection on our list below is Martin Parkway and Pontiac Trail in Commerce Township. Here is the number of crashes that occurred in this location over the last three years:

  • 2019 - 161
  • 2020 - 110
  • 2021 - 140

Keep reading to see the most dangerous intersections in Oakland County.

Oakland County's Most Dangerous Intersections

Driving anywhere near Detroit is the ultimate test of defensive driving in Michigan. These are the worst intersections in Oakland County.

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