Sometimes you have to wonder how many very funny or talented people slipped by unnoticed before cellphone video and YouTube, here's another prime example of what I'm talking about.

Last Friday, Reddit user JackMomma shared a video of a twenty something man dancing at a bus stop. According to his post, his wife shot the video and uploaded it to YouTube after she noticed the man would dance the same dance at the same bus stop every single day.Check out the moves after the jump.Naturally, she decided to record him dancing, add some background music and share it with the world. Since posting, the video has received thousands of views and has inspired many.

YouTube commenter Fazerella says, “I hope to see him one day. I want to dance with him!” And 5TreeFrogs says, “If only everybody lived as free and as impulsive…we’d all be better off!”

Thanks to both the YouTube and Reddit community, it’s since been determined that part of the anonymous man’s dance routine comes from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya dance — a Japanese anime cartoon.