It was a chaotic scene in a tiny house community in Detroit today as fights broke out while crowds gathered to defend a resident who was being evicted from her tiny home.

The Backstory

Taura Brown has lived in a tiny house that she's been renting for several years in the tiny home community on Detroit's west side. The homes are owned and leased by Cass Community Social Services, which offers low-income renters who remain in their homes for seven years the opportunity to purchase the home and its property.

Brown told WXYZ-TV last week that there's an advantage to living in a tiny home.

"I love it. I love living here," Brown said. "It keeps me centered as far as not collecting a lot of things."

Brown claims she has paid her rent on time since living in the home but believes Cass Community Social Services is refusing to renew her lease because she's been critical of CCSS Executive Director Rev. Faith Fowler.

Brown suffers from stage five kidney failure.

CCSS, however, claims that Brown has not made the tiny home her primary residence, making her ineligible to continue participating in the rental program.

After a court battle that lasted a year and a half, a judge ruled last month that Brown would have 10 days to vacate the property.

Eviction Day

Today (4/4) bailiffs arrived at Brown's home to evict her but were met by dozens of protesters coming to the woman's defense.

According to Detroit's WXYZ-TV one of the protesters threw the keys to a tow truck that had arrived out onto a nearby highway.

A video from the chaotic scene is below.

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