Crossroads Village is one of Genesee County's hidden gems, and you'll be able to celebrate the reopening for free.

Genesee County Parks has declared June 5th, Genesee County Day and they are celebrating with free admission to Crossroads Village Fest. Most people know Crossroads Village for their holiday activities. There's nothing better than trick or treating at Crossroads, and the magical walk through the village during Christmas at Crossroads. I can tell you from experience though, that summertime in the village is just as intriguing.

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Crossroads Village Fest is the first time that the village is fully open since the pandemic shut down last year. The village normally does a free summer day, but this year will have a special vibe to it since it has been so long since we have been able to enjoy it.

Crossroads will be full of activities for the entire family.

  • Live music throughout the village
  • Food trucks
  • The village shops will be open
  • Artisan displays and workshops

The usual entertainment will also be at Crossroads including the Huckleberry Railroad, Genesee Belle, the carousel, and the ferris wheel.

For years my family only went to Crossroads on the holidays, but we decided to go during the summer once on a whim. I know the special holiday events are great, but I loved walking through the village in the summer time. It takes on an entirely different vibe, and it's exactly what most of us need right now. A chance to slow down and stroll through the village with no specific agenda.

If you are interested in being a bigger part of what happens at Crossroads Village, they are looking for help right now. You can apply for one of the many openings they have below.


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