Based on the picture, we wouldn't know it was at a Walmart. Would you? 

David Medford and Merissa Anderson met while working at a Walmart in Guilford, Connecticut. Merissa is an Ann Arbor native, and after transferring from the Walmart in Saline, MI to Connecticut, she met David. He was working in asset protection; she was a customer service manager.

A surgery brought her back home to Michigan, but when they got engaged, they joked about getting married at the Saline Walmart. The joking actually turned into a reality - they were on a budget, and most of the guests were going to be their coworkers, so why not just do it?

They were married yesterday at 10 AM on the home and garden patio, with a reception in the break room.

We always say - do what makes you happy. It's not the location of the wedding or the price tag that matters - it's the marriage. Congrats to the couple!

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