It's always embarrassing when you have to sit in a waiting room because you did something stupid, but the level of embarrassment for this couple must have been off the charts! As much as this may sound like an episode of 'Scrubs', I can assure you that this actually happened!

Matthew Caleda is a 41-year-old fan of models. Apparently in a hot, steamy moment of passion with his 36-year-old girlfriend, Martha Weizman, Caleda grabbed a bottle of lubricant... or so he thought. It was about 30 seconds later that he realized that he grabbed some industrial strength super glue instead, but by then is was too late.

Paramedics took the couple to a nearby hospital, and we can't get confirmation on whether or not the 80s hit from Huey Lewis & The News 'Stuck With You' was playing on the way. Despite the best efforts of the paramedics to cover the couple it was pointless. You could tell they were naked, and stuck in an explicit sexual position. An 83-year-old patient said, "This is absolutely disgusting. They’re nothing but a bunch of perverted exhibitionists. Everyone was taking pictures of them.”

After a three hour surgery, doctors were able to separate the two. They told reporters that this is only the second time this has happened this year in the New York area. There were 27 similar situations in 2013. Wow!

What's the most embarrassing situation you've ever been in?