No, this isn't The Onion. This is real life in the age of social media "influencers."

Dig if, if you will, a picture - you just bought an adorable new two-piece, and you're finally ready to wear it to the pool. After the first few minutes of disrobing and being comfortable in your own skin, you slowly slink into the water. You get used to the temperature and you're enjoying yourself.

And then, you look down, and see that you're surrounded by a sea of ____________ (insert color of bikini here). The dye from your suit has bled into the water.

But how can that BE? And WHY?? It's a swimsuit!

You message the company on social media with a polite but stern "hey what's up, love the suit, hate that it bleeds into the water." You're expecting a message back promising a prompt refund, no questions asked. Cuz DUH, it's a swimsuit!

Nope. Instead, they tell you that you should've read the fine print, which indicates that the suit is for "poolside posing ONLY."

This exact scenario happened to a woman in the UK. Eventually, she DID receive a refund, but that's not the point.

TBH, it seems like most people would agree.

Read the fine print, folks. It's 2019 after all, and you just never know.

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