There's not many of us that would do this if our car broke down...

...but 20-year-old Walter Carr did.

The night before his first day at his new job, his 2003 Nissan Altima broke down.

He called around to get a ride, but was unsuccessful. His GPS told him that it would take him 7 hours to get from his house in Homewood, Alabama, to his new job at Bellhops Moving Company.

So Walter left his house at midnight.

He had walked 14 miles at around 4 AM when officers stopped to ask him where he was going. The officers were so moved by his story that they took him out to breakfast. He continued to walk and another officer picked him up and dropped him off at the home that he was scheduled to move that day. He finished his job, and the woman who he helped to move Facebooked about it.

And Marklin DID thank him in gifting Walter his own Ford Escape.

Be like Walter.

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