Classes are canceled at Kettering University today (March 13th) due to some racist graffiti found on campus. According to Fox 66 News, there have been two different instances where the racist graffiti has been found. The graffiti was apparently found in a bathroom inside Thompson Hall. A Kettering student has started a Twitter account discussing the incident, but be warned it is not work or child appropriate language.

Kettering University is taking action and mandating all students join them for a meeting today to discuss the issue. Fox 66 News also reports that the school has met with students and parents that were affected. Kettering has called in authorities on the city and federal level to help find the person or persons responsible. The head of campus security at Kettering says the person could be expelled, and possibly legal trouble.

The head of campus security says the school is stepping up security efforts, has created an anonymous tip line, and has the mandatory meeting for all students today to discuss the issue. The meeting today is only for students and is not open to the public.

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