Seven years ago a Clarkston favorite spot, to grab a meal & drink with friends and family, was destroyed by fire.

The fire was caused by grease according to a report from FOX2-TV, at the time. We'll show you pictures from shortly after the blaze.

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Lakes Grille on Dixie Highway Clarkston, MI Burns

The morning of December 5, 2016, a fire engulfed Lakes Grille Restaurant in Clarkston. the Oakland County Sherrif's Office told FOX2-TV at the time it was a small kitchen grease fire.

It took several hours to extinguish the blaze.

Lakes Grille
Lakes Grille 2015 just over a year before the fire. Credit: Google Street View

Several crews fought the fire, which was said to be more difficult because it "was trapped between two parts of the structure." The kitchen and attic according to WXYZ-TV.

Will Lakes Grille be rebuilt around Clarkston?

December 19, 2016, the owner of Lakes Grille, Hank Lock, told The Oakland Press the restaurant was deemed a total loss. Lock also said it would be rebuilt on the Dixie Highway site or somewhere else around Clarkston.

At the time of the fire, fans of the restaurant shared their love and hope for a new beginning.

Despite a post on Lakes Grille's Facebook page from mid-December 2016 stating they would rebuild, it hasn't happened.

Then, in August 2020, a post popped up on their page to update their bio.

Nothing has been posted since. And we know they're not rebuilding on the old site as Bowman Chevrolet expanded their lot.

Let's take a look back at the damage shortly after the fire.

Urban exploring can be dangerous and in some cases, it's illegal. Urban exploring should only be done with the permission of the owner.

A Look Back at a Clarkston, MI Restaurant Destroyed by Fire

Before Lakes Grille, many knew the restaurant as Red Knapps which served burgers and pasta. They became known for Mexican Food night with inexpensive tacos. A grease fire in late 2016 destroyed most of the building. Lakes Grille wouldn't be rebuilt.

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