Parents in the Swartz Creek school district are raising concerns about a man who has been reported to be lurking in the city's subdivisions as well as in Grand Blanc.

A picture posted on the Swartz Creek Area Parents and Schools Community Facebook page says a white male in his mid 50s with gray hair has been seen driving and lurking near n the Wyndemere subdivision in Swartz Creek, near the intersection of Grand Blanc and Sharp, and also on Wailea Drive in Grand Blanc. He drives a gray Malibu that frequently has its license plate obstructed.

Some residents have reported that the man has pulled into their driveways multiple times, but never exits his vehicle. A claim that he made an attempt to abduct a child in the area turned out to be false.

Although no illegal activity has been confirmed, residents are warning others to be cautious, and warn their children about potential risks strangers can pose.

- George McIntyre
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