It was a little bit of Hollywood right here in Mid-Michigan. The movie, with the now released title of "A Christmas Movie Christmas", was filmed back in March at Frankenmuth River Place Shops, along with other Mid-Michigan locations, such as the Bavarian Inn Lodge. At the time the title and release date where kept under wraps, but the big day has been announced. The movie will make its debut tonight at 7pm on UPtv to start the network’s two months of holiday programming.

The film which stars Lana McKissack and Kimberly Daugherty, familiar actors  in the world of Lifetime and Hallmark movies, also has a few mid Michigan faces.  Casting agents sought locals for the extra rolls for the film Yours truly spent a whole day on set perfecting her "walk like a holiday shopper" roll and mastering "talk without talking in the background" look.  I absolutely loved my time spent in the fictional town of Holiday Falls and watching all that it takes to make a film come together.

The film will tell the story of two sisters who are transported to the magical Christmas town and learn the true meaning of the season. Cue the falling snow, cute dog, and a kiss under a magically appearing mistletoe. And scene.


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