It's what summer fun is made of here in Michigan. One of the biggest summer events in Michigan that started back in 1999 has now unfortunately been canceled for 2020.

The annual  Cheeseburger in Caseville  Festival organizers announced Tuesday that they would be canceling the big event. The Jimmy Buffet-style fest, that draws almost 200,000 fans each year, was canceled due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns. Chamber board president Steve Louwers said that uncertainty surrounding rules on social distancing and the size of gatherings allowed currently under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders led to the board to make the final decision to cancel the festival.

The event, if you have never been, it truly something to see. From the food, to the entertainment, the cheeseburger eating contest, and of course the Parade of Fools, the festival has put the small town of Caseville on the map. I can tell your personally it's a festival that the entire town takes part in. I had the honor a few years back to actually being the co-Grand Marshall for the Parade of Fools. Riding down the main street through town and seeing the thousands and thousands of people enjoying the festivities and fun was incredible. It was like Mardi Gras and a spring break all rolled into one.  Knowing how much Caseville loves their annual event it would only make sense that they try to find a way to save some the summer highlight.

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Now some of the Caseville-area businesses are stepping up  and are planning several events from Friday, August 14, through Sunday, August 23. The new "event" will be referred to as Slice of Cheeseburger. “Many local businesses are rallying to keep the spirit of the festival alive and have decided to serve up a ‘Slice of Cheeseburger’ event,” the press release stated. “This will consist of events consistent with the current executive orders, including golf outings, a car show, vendors, other smaller scale events and tropical music. The Best Cheeseburger competition is still a go, so bragging rights will be up for grabs."

Caseville is hoping just a little bit of fun is better than none at all. “The little slice of cheeseburger is going to be inviting people into our town and be safe,” Steve Louwers, festival chair. “We will not be hosting big events any large event.  So, we are inviting people to get a slice of cheeseburger.” The organizers are planning on seeing everyone next year when the celebrate the  23 annual Cheeseburger in Caseville festival.


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