Glassblowing artist John Miller's purely delicious exhibit 'Blue Plate Special' is on display right now at the Flint Institute of Arts.

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We had an opportunity to see John and his crew in action as they demonstrated the art of glassblowing in the FIA's 'Hot Shop' and enjoyed how his oversized food items are created. Of particular interest was the creation of a glass curly fry.

John's Inspiration for 'Blue Plate Special'

Miller grew up in Connecticut and remembers eating lunch at a diner when he got to hang out with his dad at his motorcycle shop. He turned that memory into inspiration in 1999 when he created his first oversized glass French Fry and from that point forward, no food is off-limits.

What is 'Blue Plate Special?'

Hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, donuts, and more are on the menu right now at the FIA. Miller's exhibit is on display through September 19.

Scroll through the pictures to see some of John's work that's currently on display.

The Flint Institute of Arts is located at 1120 E. Kearsley St. in Flint. and admission is free for Genesee County residents on Saturdays. Glassblowing demonstrations take place on most Saturdays and Sundays. Check the website for times and details.


Check Out Glassblowing Artist John Miller's 'Blue Plate Special' at the FIA

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