Usually, a typical visit to the gas station consists of getting gas and probably something to eat on the go. Well, not for Channing Tatum.

On Tuesday, August 8, the actor went on Facebook Live and streamed his iced coffee run at a local Sunoco gas station in North Carolina. What started off as a grab 'n go situation ended up with Tatum kicking back behind the counter with Beatrice.

Exchanging playful and teasing remarks at each other, the Sunoco employee decided to take advantage of her shift by starting a dance party at the register.

"We're gonna start a party, just me and you," Beatrice said to which Tatum replied, "We can just start the party right here in the store." It was at that moment when the Magic Mike actor busted out moves to Nas' 'If I Ruled The World' and began dancing with Beatrice as if it was straight out of a scene from the franchise.

"Nothin better than a little dance party," captioned Tatum on his Facebook livestream as he thanked his new found dance partner Beatrice and Sunoco Racing Logan Lucky.

Boy, don't we all wish we were in Beatrice's shoes.

Check out the whole stream below!

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