From his first appearance on a Jeopardy kids tournament to stints on Wheel and Millionaire, a Burton man has grown up on TV game shows right before our eyes.

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And this week, 33-year-old Chad Mosher appeared on yet another TV quiz show - this time not in a contestant chair but as a 'Super Fan' on a new show called 'Person, Place or Thing.'

Who is Chad Mosher?

Mosher is a University of Michigan grad who proudly wears several hats. He's a substitute teacher for Kearsley Community Schools and serves as the district's Quiz Bowl coach for Kearsley Middle School.

You'll also run into Chad several nights a week as the host of 'My Trivia Live.' The Michigan-based company brings interactive trivia competitions to bars, restaurants, and events throughout Michigan. Mosher also works as the company's head writer.

And he's a game show enthusiast whose TV appearances are beginning to flirt with 'too many to count' territory.

His national game show career began with an appearance on a Jeopardy kids tournament in 2003. From there, it was on to 'Million Dollar Password,' 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' (where he scored an astounding $43,550), 'Wheel of Fortune,' and 'Let's Make a Deal' in 2020.

Another Game Show Appearance in 2024

But Chad's not done with game shows. This week, he made a guest appearance as a 'Super Fan' on 'Person, Place or Thing' which aired locally on the CW.

Mosher describes the show as "an easy breezy show to watch that won't crush your brain like 'Jeopardy!'"

"Like the classic game 20 questions, contestants ask yes-or-no questions to identify a person, place, or thing. Along the way, the show gives clues to help them out. The contestant with the highest score goes to the bonus game to play against the clock for $5,000."

Chad's role as Super Fan was piped in via video from his home in Michigan. The Super Fan roots for the champion and wins $500 if the champ successfully completes the bonus round.

In the video below, you'll see Chad rooting for Zach as he easily comes up with the first two answers but vacillates on the final question. We won't spoil the ending here, but Chad tells us it was a nerve-racking experience, waiting for Zach to name the US city where the University of Colorado is located.

"I thought I was toast," he said in an interview with Townsquare Media. "I was whispering [the correct answer] under my breath, hoping to send it telepathically to him in the studio."


Some Highlights in the Video Below

It's a fun show to watch, but if you want to jump to Mosher's parts, watch from 6:30 to 9:40, and then pick it up again at 18:30 to see Zach and Chad in the bonus round.

Mosher also included some raw footage from his point of view as the show was being recorded in August 2023. It's a fun, inside look at Chad's 'backstage perspective' during Zach's bonus round.

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