Now that Cedar Point has officially closed for the season, what is going to happen to Wicked Twister?

For most Michiganders, summer trips to Cedar Point and other amusement parks are just a part of our lifestyle. I have so many great memories of family trips to different parks. Cedar Point, Boblo Island, and more were routine trips for us growing up and we loved every minute of it.

As with the closing of Boblo Island, it is always sad to see a ride go at Cedar Point. Even though the park doesn't remove rides too often, I still think I'm recovering from the loss of Mean Streak.  Unfortunately this year, Wicked Twister gave park goers their final rides, but what will happen to the coaster itself?

Wicked Twister via Cedar Point
Wicked Twister via Cedar Point



It’s being disposed of. Not coming back, anywhere...That area of the park is being prepared for future development. No, I will not tell you what that development is. -Tony Clark, Cedar Point's Director of Communications

Will Wicked Twister be reborn or transferred to another Cedar Fair park?

According to Cedar Point's Director of Communications, Tony Clark, the answer is no. Deconstruction of Wicked Twister has begun and it will be disposed of. So, unfortunately, fans of the ride will not be able to track it down anywhere else. It is not coming back, but Clark did mention that the area is being prepared for future development and I can't wait to see what it is. What type of ride would you want to see there?

As of last week, the train had been taken off the track and crews were working to disconnect the power, controls, sensors, and more in preparation for the full demo of the ride in a few weeks.

What else is happening to Cedar Point this winter?

The crews of Cedar Point are working to fix, repair, and rehab things in the park this winter. So far, the park is working to rehab the oldest roller coaster, Blue Streak. Also, the HalloWeekends decorations are being taken down around the park.

Jordan Sternberg
Jordan Sternberg

Be sure to follow Tony Clark on Twitter or check out the Cedar Point "OnPoint Blog" to see how things are progressing over the winter.

It has been too long since I've been able to make it to Cedar Point so I am very excited for the summer of 2022 when I can make it back.

Source: Cedar Point

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