The cat was eating food in the front seat of a car when the guard shot it in the leg.

Ratchet the kitten is recovering after being shot in the leg by a security guard at a Genesee County salvage yard. The guard was looking to drive a car around the salvage yard, but the cat was in the front seat, eating food. He tried to throw a bottle at Ratchet but he wouldn't move, so he shot it in the leg.

Due to the damage, the vet was forced to amputate Ratchet's leg. The guard is being charged with one count of Animal - Killing/Torturing, which carries a 4-year maximum felony. The defendant was released on a $10,000 bond.

This is so ridiculous, especially if Ratchet was a stray. The cat probably would've run away when he tried to get in the car. That is NOT what your gun is for, pal.

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