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The word "hero" is being thrown around a lot lately, and for good reason - we're starting to realize how many people in our community make the world go 'round every day, and Aaron Veselsky is one of them.

He was nominated by his wife Sarah, and she says:

I wanted to nominate Aaron veselsky, he drives truck for Gordon food service out of Brighton. He's been with the company for just over 14 years and has given his all and then some. He goes above and beyond for his customers and the pandemic hasn't stopped him. He gets up early every morning, drives to Brighton and then further south to make sure his customers get their order on time or even early sometimes. He adjusts his schedule to fit their needs.

He doesn't boast about the things he does for people and most of the time gets overlooked because he says " I'm just doing my job". He does more than "just" his job, he makes the delivery pleasant, makes the customer feel like a person not just a number. He's always the first one to volunteer to help out other branches and take on second runs. He truly is my hero.


Thank you, Aaron, for going above and beyond for the community!

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