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The thought of a snow day probably brings back great memories of sledding, building a snow fort, and warming up with hot cocoa. If you're old enough, you may remember anxiously listening to the radio in anticipation of hearing that your school was closed for the day.

But has the snow day been canceled?

The coronavirus pandemic means that many schools are offering online classes in addition to or in place of in-person education. And if the wether outside is frightening, school may simply opt to have all students log in instead of hopping on the bus.

Campbell's is hoping to put the brakes on that move by giving kids (and school staff) the opportunity to enjoy a snow day when we get hit with a major snowstorm.

You can go here to sign the Campbell's petition to save snow days, as long as you agree to these terms:

  1. In saving the snow day because of the unbridled joy it brings
  2. Every snowflake dreams of becoming a snowball
  3. Hills were made to be sled down
  4. Cold days call for hot soup
  5. The world can always use more snow angels
  6. In powering down screens for more snow day family-time

You know, as an adult I wouldn't mind having a snow day every once in a while myself.

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