Swartz Creek's Ben Mainka and Jim Kitchen are at it again, this time teaching us how to do the "Snow Day Swagger."

Everybody wants a snow day, but how do you make sure it actually happens? Mainka, who serves as the superintendent of schools, and Kitchen, the high school principal, demonstrate the proper way to do a snow dance.

"All across the country, during cold winter nights ... children look for superstitious ways to cause a snow day ... There has never been a foolproof method for causing a snow day to occur ... until now ... " the video begins.

The song, which parodies Maroon 5's 'Moves Like Jagger', features several students from Swartz Creek performing the 'Snow Day Swagger' in the high school gym and in front of the Performing Arts Center (as well as a few cute outtakes from Mainka and Kitchen at the end).

Now let's see if it works. Will Swartz Creek get a snow day tomorrow? How about other schools around the area? Check here for our complete list of school closings and delays.

This is the latest in a series of videos Mainka and Kitchen have done to showcase Swartz Creek Schools' student-focused atmosphere. In this video, they attempted NOT to sing. It didn't really work.

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