Wondering if it has anything to do with the switch over to the KWA pipeline?

On Monday, I took our dog for a walk. With the snow melting, she was pretty muddy when we got back, so I filled a cup of water to dip her paws in...and I noticed it was a bit cloudy, but didn't think anything of it.

On Tuesday, I filled my diffuser with water and noticed that it was cloudy as well, but I thought it was just the essential oils that were left in the diffuser, mixing with the water.

Finally, last night as I was cooking dinner, I took a pic of the water (see above). It doesn't smell, thank goodness. But Pat and our son drink a LOT of tap water, and for the exorbitant amount that we're charged for water in the city of Burton, I would expect it to be a little better than this.

After posting it on social media, it seems like it's hit or miss - a couple of our neighbors have clear water, one of them has cloudy water, a friend in the next sub over has cloudy water, etc.

We just wanted to make sure that we weren't being paranoid, or that it's not just a problem with OUR pipes. And then, we saw this:

Let's be honest - we live in a suburb of Flint, so of course we're paying close attention. I also grew up in Milwaukee, where we had the infamous outbreak of cryptosporidium back in the 90s that killed over 100 people.

We're going to call the city today, just to give them a heads up. Sadly, from our past experiences with the city, we don't have high hopes that they'll listen or return our phone call, but we'll see.

Have you had any cloudy water problems? If so, where do you live?

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