We can't thank her enough for coming into the studio to talk to us and putting on such a brave face. 

Burton resident and University of Michigan-Flint sophomore Alyson Pfeiffer was in Las Vegas for the first time, on an impromptu trip, on Sunday night. She was standing outside of the gates at the Jason Aldean concert at the Route 91 Harvest Festival because she and her friends were unable to get tickets...and then the unthinkable happened.

Again, we can't thank her enough for coming in and sharing her story. It's one thing to see it all over the news, but it's another to hear it from one of our own residents here in the Flint area. She says she's looking forward to going back to school on Monday.

Keep up the good fight, Alyson! We'll say the same thing to YOU that we said to HER - it's okay not to be okay. This has affected ALL of us. If you need to get help and talk to somebody, don't wait. Do it now.


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