Around 11 AM on Monday, April 9th, the right lane of Center Rd in Burton was blocked by a marked police car across the street from the Burton Police Department. What looked to be a traffic accident turned out to be a crime scene. Find out more below.

NBC25 reports that the Burton Police were on scene investigating a stabbing that happened around 11 AM on Monday; the homeowner was stabbed multiple times and ran out the back of his house for help.

Investigators told NBC25 that there were multiple crime scenes; the glass in the front window was broken out, no word on how that happened. The police also said that a suspect shot at the homeowner, but none of the bullets connected.

A few local residents told NBC25 that they were very concerned with something like this happening so close to their homes. One resident had this to say: "I tell ya, our country, I don't know where it's headed, but it's not in a very good direction," says Karen Pillsbury.

This happens to be pretty much in our studio's backyard, tell us what you think needs to be done in Genesee County to help with the rising crime rates.