The project is now in its sixth year at Fenton High School, and will visit dozens of schools throughout Michigan.


"Two girls chose a victim in an attempt to bring themselves back up. That victim was me."-Trent Eaton, personal story...

Posted by The Bullycide Project on Saturday, August 8, 2015

The student-led, interactive play focuses on real-life stories, and is designed to help end bullying in school.

Things usually get emotional, especially in the post-show discussion, according to student cast member McKenzie Mead.

"You have students that stand up crying, and they're admitting to having bullied or they're standing up and saying, 'Thank you, I've been bullied for the last 10 years of my life. Here you are saving me.'"

Their personal stories are also being turned into a book. The students will contribute advice, as well as a mother whose child committed suicide.

For information on how to bring the Bullycide Project to your school, click HERE.

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