3-year-old Trucker Dukes will be sworn in as an honorary FDNY firefighter on May 31st.

Trucker has been battling stage IV neuroblastoma since he was 19-months-old. He and his family have been traveling from Hawaii to New York City for treatments. So far, he's had tumors removed from his abdomen and his brain.

His dad, Joshua, is a firefighter in Maui, so Trucker has always been fascinated by fire trucks. During their visits, Trucker has become friends with NYC firefighters, including Captain Jim Grismer.

When the FDNY was called to the Ronald McDonald House (where the family is staying) in NYC because of a burned dinner, Trucker ran up to Captain Grismer and gave him a giant hug. “I see this little boy excitedly walking towards me with his eyes aglow. I opened my arms and he basically climbed up and hugged me around the neck,” Grismer told the Huffington Post. “It was as if we’ve been friends/brothers for years.”

This photo prompted the fire commissioner to invite Trucker to become an honorary firefighter. His mom says that his cancer is "stable." He will be sworn in at the end of this month. There's a page that's raising money so his entire family can attend the ceremony HERE.

Somebody is DEFINITELY cutting onions in here. Excuse me while I go get some tissues...

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