A 13-year-old Kansas eighth-grader says he was suspended from school because he refused to take off his Vera Bradley purse. Skylar Davis, says it helps him express himself.

A 13-year-old Kansas boy says he was suspended for wearing a purse to school  just like the kind favored by his female classmates. The eighth-grader said he was sent to the administration offices because of the purse and wouldn't remove it when he was asked to do so.His furious mother, Leslie Willis, says it is discrimination because girls are allowed to have purses with no repercussions. She added that she's supportive of her son, and the choices he makes.

But the real reason for the suspension isn't entirely clear. The explanation officials gave was that the 13-year-old eighth grader broke a rule that forbids any student from bringing various bags into certain classrooms. Others are saying it is because he and his purse are a distraction.