Three Walmart locations in Michigan were forced to evacuate Monday (2/6) after bomb threats were reported at those stores.

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What Walmart Locations Were Affected?

The Oakland County Sheriff's Department reports that the threats were received at the Walmart stores in Rochester Hills, White Lake, and Clinton.

A similar threat was made at a Walmart store in Coldwater, the day following a threat against a Walmart location in Ohio.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard suspects the threats may be originating from a customer or customers who have some sort of beef with the Walmart corporation.

“My intuitive guess is it’s someone who has something to complain about with Walmart and feels this is their avenue," Bouchard tells WXYZ-TV. "They’ve made a very big mistake.”

Bouchard goes on to say that similar threats have been made toward Walmart stores in California and Hawaii and the local threats could be related to a nationwide effort to target the retailer. He adds that similar threats have been plaguing police agencies, consuming valuable time and resources.

"We get threats against schools, houses of worship, and workplaces every day," Bouchard said. "We had three on Friday, we've already had two or three in Oakland County today.”

Police agencies and K-9 units were deployed at each of the locations that received threats and stores were given the all-clear before shoppers and employees were allowed to return to their respective stores.



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