The rewards have been pouring in for a Michigan woman who returned $15,000 she found in the street last month. A GoFundMe campaign for the West Michigan Woman is now over $40,000.

White Lake Woman Returns Found Money

Dianne Gordon found the bag of money last month as she was walking home from work on January 21. Gordon has been making the 2.7-mile trek twice a day on foot since her car died last year.

Gordon spotted the bag outside a BP gas station where she had stopped to warm up. It contained thousands of dollars in cash as well as some wedding cards. She didn't hesitate before turning the money in at a local police station.

When the cops totaled up the find, there was $14,780 in the bag. Eventually, the police were able to track down the recently-married couple and returned the money and cards to them.

GoFundMe Goes Crazy

Almost immediately after the news of Gordon's find broke, her integrity was rewarded with a GoFundMe page that was set up on her behalf.

A goal of $25,000 was established in order to buy Gordon a car to replace the vehicle that died last year.

That goal has been shattered. As of today (2/6), more than $60,000 has been contributed, meaning Gordon will no longer be walking close to six miles each day to go to work.

According to the GoFundMe page, Dianne knew that the money she found would have been life-changing, but she didn't think twice about getting it into the hands of its rightful owners.

"Dianne is a perfect example of integrity and selflessness even in her own time of need. We will be working with Szott Automotive to get Dianne a vehicle with the funds raised."



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