A little more faith in humanity has been restored.

Just when you think that the people of the world are just evil, you come across a story like this. A woman on her way home from work found a bag of gas at a gas station in White Lake Township. Instead of making off with the cash, she turned it in to the police.

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Dianne Gordon was making her 2.7-mile walk home from work when she stopped at a gas station to warm up. Outside the building, she saw a plastic bag with a stack of money and picked it up. Instead of keeping it, she called the police to turn in the money. When police counted the money, the grand total was $14,780. The bag also contained some wedding cards. Eventually, the police were able to track down who lost the money and return it to them. The couple was recently married.

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Don't worry, Dianne Gordon was rewarded for her good deed as a crowdfunding campaign has been started for her to help her get a new car. That was the initial reason that she was walking home from work as her car died last year. At the time of writing this (Thursday, 2/2/23 @ 3 pm,) the gofundme page had raised $23,845 of the $25,000 goal. Once the goal is met, the organizer of the campaign will be working with Szott Automotive to secure a new vehicle for Gordon.

It is awesome to see that there are still people in the world that have integrity, are honest, and do the right thing!

Source: MLive

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