It's just a precautionary measure for now.

A water main break caused a loss of pressure and a possibility of contaminants entering the water system in Swartz Creek, so the Genesee County Drain Commission has issued a "boil water" advisory for Gaines Township, Clayton Township and Swartz Creek.

This doesn't mean that there IS bacteria in the water but, while the water main is being fixed, officials are urging residents to boil their water.

  • Boil water first before drinking it; let water boil for one minute then let cool, or use bottled water.
  • Do this with drinking water, water for making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and making food.

If you have questions and you're in Swartz Creek, you can call Adam Zettel at 810-635-4464. If you're in Clayton or Gaines Township, call Mr. Mark Horgan or Mr. Jim Thompson of the Genesee County Drain Commissioner’s Office at 810-732-7870.

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