As one of the easiest ways to travel just about anywhere with the continual addition of new flights, Bishop International Airport is making convenience even more affordable.

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Bishop announced this week that they will be rebranding and restructuring some of their parking lots. Starting June 1st, they will be consolidating the Short and Long-Term Parking Lots, located directly in front of the building. They now will be known as the newly rebranded Terminal Parking Lot. Also, the Econo Lot, that is just north of Bristol Road, will be rebranded as the Shuttle Parking Lot.

New Pricing

In addition to the rebranding, Bishop is making some cost changes that travelers are sure to love. The new pricing for the Terminal Lot Parking will be reduced from $15 per day to $10 per day. Those using the Reservation parking, located in the closest rows to the terminal, will be $13 per day, instead of the current $15 per day. The Econo Lot,, changing to be the Shuttle Parking, will remain the same at $8 per day. Those vehicles that entered the lots prior to the change on June 1, 2021, will pay the daily amount being charged when they initially entered the lot.

For Flint Bishop Airport, that just added the new Allegiant non-stop flights to Las Vegas to their schedule in March, the changes are just another way to improve the travel experience for their customers.

“It is always great when we can reduce the costs associated with traveling from our facility. Already known for our affordable parking, these reductions and rebrands make Flint Bishop an even more attractive option for travelers in our region", said Airport Director, Nino Sapone,

The parking lots at Flint Bishop Airport have most recently served a large-scale, drive-thru COVID-19 vaccination clinic. 


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