"Thank you Big Boy for all the years of partnership and memories, best of luck to you."

A Sanilac County restaurant has decided to dump its franchise name after making the decision to stay open during COVID-19.

The Big Boy restaurant in Sanilac County has openly defied orders to close during the 3-week-long "Pause To Save Lives" to limit exposure to COVID-19, and Big Boy has responded.

Owner Troy Tank told MLive that, “I just felt like our back was up against the wall and we needed to do something about it. We just want to be left alone. We just want to take care of our small-town community.”

Attention patrons, supporters and fellow patriots .....
At this time we plan on and will remain open daily.
Unfortunately we have been contacted by corporate Big Boy and they are planning on taking legal action against us.
It is our decision at this time due to our hand being forced to terminate the franchise agreement we have with them.
We had hoped that after 35 years of working together that corporate would sympathize with our cause and rally behind us, they did not.
So because of this we plan on moving forward without them.
Thank you Big Boy for all the years of partnership and memories, best of luck to you.
Please continue to support us and be patient as this adds many more hurdles to address in this already crazy time.
Thank you for all the amazing support thus far, please share .....
God bless
The owner has set up a GoFundMe page to help with legal fees and fines.
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