The Liberty Bridge in Bay City went from being partially closed to being completely shut down.

Over 20,000 vehicle pass over Liberty Bridge in Bay City nearly every day. Well, that was until a construction project that was already in progress, only got worse.

According to WNEM, in December, Bay City Bridge Partners switched traffic to two lanes on the bridge’s north side and started removing and replacing the pavement on the south lanes. Work was staged this way with the intent of keeping the bridge open to traffic during construction.

Unfortunately, after a massive pothole was discovered last month, the decision was made to close the bridge completely.

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Kevin Bischel, Bay City Bridge Partners:

This is a difficult message to communicate to Bay City. Our mission from the start has been and continues to be creating safe and reliable bridges for Bay City. Our goal remains keeping the bridges open to traffic as much as possible during construction to minimize the impact on residents and surrounding businesses. We are disappointed that the weather has caused this unfortunate inconvenience on this phase of the project, but we are taking action to keep our neighbors safe. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we navigate this new development together.

According to comments on Facebook, the closed bridge will be a headache for some commuters. However, others say people can get around the area without having to drive over the bridge at all and it's not a big deal.

The bridge is expected to reopen in late June or early July.

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