A colorful description of glass blowing has led to a little -- ahem -- blowback for a baseball announcer, and a great deal of free advertising for the Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis.

Legendary St. Louis Cardinals announcer Mike Shannon was doing a bit of ad-libbing (we certainly hope) when he uttered the phrase, "They're going to tell you about a blow job," as he made the pitch for the company which demonstrates the glass-blowing process. (The audio below was shared on Twitter by Danny Schmidt.)

Dan Farrell, who overseas broadcast operations for the St. Louis Cardinals, tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the 78-year-old broadcaster's gaffe was simply a slip-of-the-tongue.

“Our announcers read anywhere from 15-20 pieces of promotional copy on any given broadcast, and there are times when they may ad-lib to a certain extent" to make the commercials more conversational, Farrell said. “We apologize for any misunderstanding. It’s unfortunate if anyone was offended. It does not (represent) the values of the franchise."