If you are a fan of hot air balloons, you'll want to plan a trip to Shanty Creek Resort at the end of this month. 

With much of Michigan shut down, Michiganders are left with limited options for entertainment. Movie theatres, bowling alleys, and more are still closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic which leaves us searching for things to do to keep busy. Well, coming up at the end of the month, families will have another reason to travel north for the weekend.

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A hot air balloon event is scheduled to return to Shanty Creek Resort on August 28th and 29th. Balloons Over Bellaire will feature quite a few hot air balloons taking to the sky over the resort. It is also a free event so it won't cost you an arm and a leg in admission or parking. As of now, over 15 balloons will take off from Summit Mountain to start the event.

The "flight schedule" is as follows:

  • Friday, August 28th - The hot air balloons will take off from the Alpine Tubing Hill at 6:30 pm. The Alpine Tubing Hill is located right behind Lakeview Hotel in Shanty Creek and the flight will feature Lake Bellaire as the backdrop.
  • Saturday, August 29th - The balloons will lift off at 7:30 am and fly over Torch Lake. Later that evening, balloons will launch again from the Alpine Tubing Hill at 6:30 pm.

Also, for those of you that don't travel north too often, Bellaire is also home to Short's Brewing Company. Take the family to dinner and grab some great food and fantastic beer.


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