You probably hate roundabouts, but like it or not they've become a way of life. Genesee County is home to two, with one at Bristol Rd. and I-75 and the other at Hill and Elms Roads in Mundy Township. Construction of Lapeer County's lone roundabout at Davison Rd./Lake Nepessing Rd./W. Genesee St. was completed in 2015. The Michigan Department of Transportation has proposed several more roundabouts in the state for 2017 and 2018.

But are motorists required to use turn signals in Michigan roundabouts?

Michigan law is surprisingly vague when it comes to laws governing roundabouts. While MDOT's website instructs drivers to "use your turn signal as you approach your exit," its FAQ section has no information on Michigan law specific to that issue.

However, Michigan Vehicle Code states that the use of turn signals is required when changing lanes, or "turning from a direct line." Because drivers exiting a roundabout are leaving the direct line of traffic, this seems to indicate that the use of a turn signal is indeed a requirement.

But that's one interpretation. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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