We all know there really isn't much of a difference between name brand and generic products, but I bet there are still products you won't buy generic.

It's OK to admit it, I'm not judging you . . . I do the same thing.

I'm not sure what it is about most of us that refuses to believe that Crunch Berries and Berry Colossal Crunch are the same thing. The ingredients are the same on the packaging, and the only real difference is the price. Yet I just can't bring myself to stray from the Cap'n.

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I do have generic brands that I buy exclusively because they offer an organic option without paying the crazy high prices. For the most part though, I really don't care what brand I'm buying, as long as it works.

It seems like people are more picky with generic versions of food products than other types. I know that I haven't bough a name brand cleaning product in years! As long as it says extra strength on it, it's going into my cart. Most household things like paper towel, and toilet paper are always generic for me. This is one of the more divided lanes though, because once people find a brand of toilet paper, they stick with it.

Not all generics are looked down on though. Want proof? Just head to the pharmacy.

As picky as we are about choosing between fruity loops of cereal or Fruit Loops, we will always choose the generic version of a prescribed drug. Maybe it has to do with the ridiculously high price of name brand medicines, but I don't know anyone that chooses to pay more for the name brand when it comes to prescriptions.

What products do you absolutely refuse to buy generic? Let us know in the comments below or send a message through the app. If you're not sure, you can see the items that were mentioned the most by our listeners below.

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