This is the second report of bed bugs in the last month at a Flint school.

Not long after pest control experts treated Carman Ainsworth high school for bed bugs, Mott Community College has sent an email out to staff and students:

Good evening Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Yesterday 10/17/19, the college was notified that bed bugs were in lounge chairs located in the Mott Memorial Building student lounge room 2140. The chairs have been removed and are being treated. The other furniture has been secured and isolated from use. We also have consulted with Dr. Bush, and he has provided resources about this issue.

Thank you and have a nice weekend,

Jason Wilson

Vice President

Student Success Services

Philip Espinosa

Associate VicePresident

Human Resources


Flint comes in at #47 on the list of the worst cities in the country for bed bugs, according to a list released by Orkin. However, we're not alone in the mitt - Lansing, Grand Rapids and Detroit are also on the list and ranked higher than Flint.

Bed bugs are disgusting, destructive little creatures that can make their way into your house from any place you've visited. For more information on how to protect your home from bed bugs, click HERE.

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