Real talk. It takes something special to create a truly incredible sandwich. I'm to talking about the one you make at home in your kitchen by slapping together a few slices of bread and a little meat and cheese. I'm talking about the kind of sandwich that has people willing to travel and wait in line for hours.

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According to a new list by Far & Wide, there are some pretty amazing sandwich shops scattered coast to coast that are a "must eat". They took the time to find the "15 Best Sandwich Shops in the U.S." that take sandwich artistry to a whole other delicious level.

"If you love a great sandwich, put these 15 sandwich shops on your list of must-visit spots. Some of them are legendary, others are up-and-coming, but they'll all melt your tastebuds like gooey cheese in between roast beef".

Landing in the #9 spot is one of Ann Arbors's most well-known spots to grab a sandwich and more. The legendary Zingerman's Deli, best known for its incredible bread, is as notable as the Big House to anyone living or visiting the Ann Arbor area.

Far & Wide had this to say about Zingerman's;

"A veritable Ann Arbor institution, Zingerman's is a city legend that has received guests such as former president Barack Obama. The Jewish deli is famous for its perfectly crispy homemade bread. It may be cliché, but you'll definitely want to order the Reuben, the shop's most popular sandwich".


Photo: Google Street View
Photo: Google Street View

The Ann Arbor institution opened in March 1982 in a historic  Ann Arbor Farmer's Market building. Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig have kept the deli at its original site at the intersection of Detroit and Kingsley streets where you will see the line out the door pretty much on any given day. Trust us...the wait is so worth it. I highly suggest "Diana's Different Drummer".

Check out the full list of the "15 Best Sandwich Shops in the U.S." here.

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