After a huge Easter Egg Hunt this past weekend, my wife and kids returned home on a mostly cloudy Saturday afternoon all bundled up in their coats.  I immediately noticed that the kids had a bit of extra color in their faces.  Unfortunately, my youngest woke up on Easter Morning with a sunburn.

Many people don't think about it in the Fall, Winter or early Spring, but the Sun's harmful UV rays are out there 365 days a year.  Before I completely blew-up with anger, I had to step back for a minute and realize that this may not be common knowledge, which surely prevented a fight!

Now in my wife's defense, it was mostly cloudy, and being that it was so cold that day, applying sunscreen didn't even cross her mind.  After a few hours in the sun, the older kids were just a little red, but as I said earlier, my one-year-old was as red as it gets.  Surprisingly, he was in better than a good mood for the Easter holiday, and the doctor gave him some cream to reduce the redness and irritation.

The truth is, you can get a sunburn in the middle of Winter on a cloudy day.  You may not think about the Sun's effect on your skin when it's cold, or cloudy, but you can suffer a nasty burn!  Just remember what Cars 108's George McIntyre said on his episode of ABC's "Wife Swap..."

"If you take 'em out side, you better damn well better put sunscreen on 'em!"

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