This is ultraviolet (UV) safety month and with more people spending more time outdoors under the sun, there is no better time to emphasize the importance of sun safety and the dangers of UV rays. Here are some tips to help protect yourself and the kids from those UV rays. 1. Slip on a shirt. You can now buy clothing that protect you from the UV exposure. Look for UPF values. The higher the number, the higher the protection.

2. Slop on sunscreen. Use one with a high sun protection factor ((SPF)

3. Wear a hat. A hat with a rim all the way around offers the best protection to the face, ears and neck

4. Wear sunglasses.

5. Limit midday sun exposure. Try and avoid being outdoors between 10am and 4pm. This is the time that the UV rays are strongest.

6. Protect the kids. Children generally spend more time outside, so slop on the sunscreen before they go out.

Use these tips to protect yourself from the dangers of UV rays and reduce your chances of getting skin cancer.

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