Savvy travelers have known for a long time that it pays to pack light and avoid astronomical baggage fees that most airlines charge. If you can stuff everything you need for your trip into a small carry-on bag, you used to be able to dodge fees for luggage. Those days are soon to be a memory for many, as some airlines, like Spirit and Ryanair are already charging $35 and up per carry-on. There are ways around this, but most come with a cost of some sort and might only yield real savings to those who travel frequently.

Some travelers are simply wearing everything they plan to take by dressing in layers. You might also investigate the viability of "wearable" luggage. A coat called the "Jack-to-go" is built to carry up to 30 pounds of clothing, gadgets and gear. If you plan to stay somewhere for an extended visit, you might check on the cost of shipping your luggage via the mail, UPS or other carrier. Another low-cost option is to wear a couple of layers and then pick up clothing and gear at thrift shops. This is especially effective if you're going someplace warm. Then just donate it back when you head home.

The airlines are looking to pick your pockets at every opportunity. With a little planning and creativity, you can hang on to more of your cash to spend having fun on your trip!