Aurora, Illinois was the center of an emergency situation this morning that caused all flights in and out of Chicago to be grounded at O'Hare and Midway airports.  A fire broke out at one of the radar facilities and a man was found in the basement with self-inflicted, non-gunshot wounds.

Officials are not saying if they believe the man they found in the basement at the radar site had set the fire, but they did confirm that he is not an FAA employee, but a source told the Chicago Tribune that the man is a contractor.

As of 8:30 this morning, 435 flights were cancelled and another 395 have been delayed.  Southwest Airlines told passengers that all flights were cancelled until noon.  Some people in Flint are being forced to rearrange their weekend plans, including Cars 108's Pat Clark from Pat & AJ in the Morning.

Pat was getting ready for a weekend trip to Wisconsin to move his mother to the Flint area when he got word that something was happening in Chicago where he was scheduled to get on a connecting flight.  His flight, along with many in the Flint area, has been rescheduled for this afternoon.

Click here for a list of websites and phone numbers for all airlines that fly through Chicago O'Hare.




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