Every year about this time, parents, children, and homeowners all ask the same question:  Is there an age restriction for trick-or-treaters?

Warning:  You're about to see a lot of chatter on Facebook and other social media channels about this very topic. And the discussion may get heated.

But are there really restrictions in place regarding teenagers going out for the annual candy hunt?

How old is too old?

Can you refuse to give candy to kids who aren't wearing costumes?

Are there any ordinances in place to keep teenagers over a certain age from trick or treating?

Some US Cities Do Have Restrictions

Although no national rules are in place to restrict kids of a certain age from trick-or-treating, a few municipalities across the United States do have local ordinances.

For instance, Charleston, South Carolina restricts teens over 16 from going trick-or-treating. State law also restricts mask-wearing in public places.

A few years ago, Chesapeake, Virginia put a mandate in effect that restricted trick-or-treating to those 12 and under. The ordinance called for jail time and fines of up to $100 for violators. That ordinance has since been modified, increasing the maximum age to 14 and taking away the possibility of jail time.

Several other cities in Virginia also have various age restriction laws in place.

St. Michaels, Maryland forbids children over 12 from trick-or-treating and Belleville, Ilinois forbids kids over 12 from wearing masks.

Does Michigan Have Trick-Or-Treat Age Restrictions?

While it's a common belief that if you're old enough to drive you're too old to go trick-or-treating, there are no age restrictions in place across Michigan that limit anyone of any age from putting on a costume and begging for candy.

So in The Mitten, the question of how old is too old is left completely up to parents.

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