Last week, Cocoa was skin and bones. This week, she's gained three pounds and is doing well!

Yesterday, George McIntyre posted a story to the website about a couple who has been arrested and charged with animal torture after dropping off two starving dogs at the Humane Society of Genesee County. One of the dogs passed shortly after being dropped off, and a third was found dead at the couples' home. The couple faces four years in prison.

Yes, there IS good news in here, I promise.

The 2-year-old pit bull that was dropped off, named Cocoa, is doing MUCH better. They are feeding her small meals throughout the day, because it's clear that she hasn't eaten and they don't want to put out a big bowl in food in front of her.

She looks SO MUCH BETTER! Obviously, we work with the HSGC on a regular basis, and they are amazing people. Cocoa will be up for adoption once the case gets through the court system. For now, the HSGC is taking donations for her medical care. Give them a call at 810-744-0511. Thank you, Lin and the crew at the humane society!

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