You're teasing us, and I appreciate the two extra days...but you can do even BETTER.

If you've never lived outside of Michigan, I can tell you two things:
1) Little Caesars is popular, but not AS popular as it is here in the mitt

2) it tastes 150% better here than it does in other states.

Obviously, since it's a Michigan chain, its wildly popular here. But one of the things I've noticed about the LC locations here in Genesee County is that they don't have the $5 hot-and-ready special every day.

At first, it was just on Wednesdays at the location on Belsay Road, which is the one that we frequent. They had "customer appreciation" signs outside, advertising the $5 pizzas. Then, last week, I noticed that the sign was out for THREE DAYS - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. HOORAY!

I asked a friend of mine, whose family owns a few of the Genesee County locations, why they don't have it all the time. She said that they can simply "opt out."

Look, it's not like the pizza is a LOT more than $5 on any given day, but the $5 hot-and-ready deal got me through my brokest days in college, so it has a fond place in my heart. I'm also all about saving a few bucks wherever I can.

I'm THRILLED that they're doing three days per week now. Whether you're a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, being a mom means that we're busy. There wasn't ONE NIGHT this week where we were all home for dinner, between school functions, dance classes and work. It was nice to be able to grab a $5 pizza on the way home.

You know what would be even NICER, Little Caesars? Let's go ALL IN. Offer the $5 hot-and-ready ALL THE TIME. I see you, State Street in Davison location - your drive thru traffic overflows into the right lane on days when you have this special.

Do it for US. The busy parents. You're SO CLOSE! Thank you for your time. This is the most I've ever written about cheap pizza in my entire life.

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