Davison's Abernathy Park is a beautiful place to go.  It has a playscape for the little kids, tennis and basketball courts, picnic areas, softball fields, skate park, sledding hill and miles of paved nature trails.  What it really needs is an additional entrance/exit. Find out what is being done to help after the jump.

Right now there is only one way in and out, and the park gets really congested when there are ball games and others using the park as the weather gets nice.  That presents a very real problem if somebody gets hurt or has a medical emergency.  That's where Bob Callis and his family and many friends come in.  They are raising money to buy the 40 acre parcel between the ball fields and Gale road.  That would allow for another entrance/exit to the park, plus expansion and more amenities.  This is the 3rd year for the 5k road/trail race to raise funds for the land acquisition, and a 10k run has been added which will take participants down the Black Creek Trail in addition to the other park trails/roads.  There will also be a 1/2 mile trot for the little ones and a 5k walk event.  5k and 10k races all start at 9 am on May 14th in Abernathy Park near Davison Middle School.  To sign up online or for more details, go to:  www.parcelforthepark.com

If you can't run or walk, but would still like to help out, volunteers and donors are needed!  Call (810) 653-4618