After 67 years Mad Magazine is closing it's covers and saying goodbye. The iconic magazine that pushed the boundaries, even before there were  boundaries to push, will vacate newsstands after the release of its August issue.

It was reported that the magazine will no longer be sold on newsstands and will only be available through comic book shops as well as mailed to subscribers. Mad makes the move to now only feature previously published content such as the classic and best-of nostalgic fare they have from material from the past 67 years of satire and laughs.

Most adults, myself included, can remember the magazine being shared on the  playground, stuffed quickly into a desk to avoid confiscation by a teacher, or being  that one thing you ran to spend your allowance on especially if you were a young boy back in the day. Our parents and educators felt the magazine taught rudeness, vulgarity, and was simply journalism at its worst. Yet, to many, it talked truth, reality, and through satire made people examine issues and the world around us. Sad to see it go. Especially now.

Rest in Peace Alfred E. Neuman

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